Boulogne Trip 2017

20th May 2017




On Saturday 20th May, a group of 39 year 7 students and 6 teachers set off very early from school to make the long journey to Boulogne in France.  After travelling by coach and ferry, we arrived to a sunny day in the old town of Boulogne.  Students were able to visit a souvenir shop and climb the ramparts to view Boulogne and the sea beyond.

Walking through the town, we stopped at a boulangerie-patisserie to buy real French pains au chocolat and croissants, which everyone agreed were tastier than the ones from British supermarkets! We then visited a shop devoted entirely to cheese where some teachers and students bought tasty treats for their families, before walking on through the town and onto the harbour-side on our way to Nausicaa sea-life centre.

Lucy Roseblade explained: ’’The jelly fish were the first things I saw and they were quite big too! When we saw the sharks, they were huge and there was a tunnel with the sharks above, below and all around you, and all you could see, pretty much, was sharks, glass and people! The best bit though was when we crowded around the tank where you could touch the rays and other fish.  I thought they would be smooth but they weren’t; they were bumpy and really rough!’’ We were also lucky to see tropical fish and sea-horses, seals and penguins as well as iguanas and a range of other reptiles.

After our visit to Nausicaa, we walked back in the sunshine along the harbour-side and through a fair where huge amounts of food were being prepared for an evening celebration. We were greeted by the waiters at the Restaurant  Hamiot and enjoyed a delicious meal before returning to the coach for the journey home. A smooth sea allowed us to enjoy the crossing back and all agreed that it was a fun experience. The coach journey home was quiet as most people fell asleep after their long and exciting day, but we all agreed it was a day to remember!