Cathedral of Cloth Exhibition

23rd Feb 2018


“Cathedral of Cloth” Exhibition


On Friday 23rd February, 30 Year 8 students were given the opportunity to visit Stroud Museum in the Park to see a fascinating exhibition by the Stroudwater Textile Trust, which traced the history of Ebley Mill from its early beginnings in the 1400s. On display were artefacts and explanations of the design and manufacturing of local woollen cloth as well as photographs, recordings and testimonies of life in the Mill. 

 The students were entertained by actor John Bassett who played the role of several of the Ebley Mill owners to tell them something of the lives of those who not only owned but also worked in the industry which has shaped the Stroud District and thus their own heritage. They enjoyed practical demonstrations by members of the Textile Trust and tried their own hands at carding, spinning and weaving; learning the process from fleece to finished product.


The cross curricular trip was a joint venture by the Art, Design and Technology and History departments and sought to encourage students to make links between these study areas and local heritage.




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