Sports News Term 1 & 2 2017/18

14th Dec 2017


Elliott Gardner, Year 11, has achieved a place on the Stroud District Rugby team. He has since won an award for “most powerful and creative forward” from the Stroud District. Elliott has always been extremely committed to his training both in and away from school and also assists with coaching of the younger year groups.



Sport Leaders

Congratulations to this year’s new Sports Leaders who now go on to represent and support their community with the development and enjoyment of sport for all at Maidenhill School.


Callum Radford, Beth Anderton, Amber Iles, Ellie Luff


James Mitchell, Harrison Melendez, Kit Thomas, Georgie-Fleur Eager, Evelin Miccoli


Tiarna Crowther, Freya Gardiner, Cara Neary, Kaci Hawkins, Marly Churchill, Jake Tombs


Mark Daws, Ruby Gaulder, Toni-Lamming Mann, Pheobe Hudd, Ashleigh Portlock


They have been taking part in Sport Leader training sessions where they have worked together to improve their confidence, organisation and looked into alternative ways of supporting students within sport that can also help them within other lessons in school. This has been really enjoyable and they have all gained a lot from these hour sessions which have taken place after school. They are currently running lunch time sports clubs for key stage 3 in the sports hall and students taking this opportunity are really enjoying it, making new friends and working well together as part of a team.



The Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 Rugby teams have demonstrated a very positive commitment and enthusiasm towards school Rugby this year and have played to a good standard during both their training sessions and after school fixtures.

The Year 7 team enjoyed 2 mini games against Archway School and performed fantastically within the Year 7 District at KLB School, winning all of their games and not conceding any tries and therefore winning their league.

The Year 8 team have performed superbly in their two district tournaments at KLB School and Dursley Rugby Club.  It has been a pleasure watching the Year 8 team develop as a committed squad of rugby players and their enthusiasm within training and matches has been fantastic. 

The Year 9 team built on their success from the previous years and numerous new players have the joined the squad which has been encouraging to see. The team have adapted well to playing the full recognised version of the game against some very tough opposition from KLB, Rednock and Sir William Romney.

A great Rugby season, well done boys.


Year 10 Netball Team



Well done to all Maidenhill netball teams this year, you have gone from strength to strength with many victories against other Stroud schools.  Your commitment towards training has been exceptional.


Cross country - Lexi Bull, Oakley James, Keiron Marks, Jake Tombs. 



All students’ performance was outstanding. Lexi, Oakley and Jake have progressed through to the County Cross Country Championships with Keiron narrowly missing out.