Stroud Air Cadets

12th Jun 2017


1329 Stroud Air Cadets


During June we presented a Powerpoint to all 4 learning communities during assembly.  We spoke about our squadron, the 1329 Stroud Air Cadets, and the opportunities we have by being members of the organisation.  We spoke about our different types of uniforms and the time it takes for us to prepare them so that there are precise creases on our sleeves and our shoes are really shiny.  Cleaning a pair of shoes can take up to 2 hours but it’s all part of our commitment.  We both hope to take up careers in the RAF when we leave school when we will be able to travel the world whilst learning lots of new skills.  We are hoping to recruit some more members from Maidenhill, now that we have done the assemblies.


Tiarna Crowther, 9HLM and Lottie Holder, 9HDK