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Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance

Maidenhill School offers an extensive careers information, advice and guidance syllabus which supports pupils to prepare for their future education and career pathways. This is embedded into the year 8-11 curriculum and is delivered by teachers, the SGS Schools’ Careers Service and through attending local careers events and visiting guest speakers. Maidenhill School’s careers programme is mapped against The Gatsby Benchmarks which is a set of guidelines about what makes the best careers provision in schools.  Our 2017 Ofsted report states "Independent careers advice and guidance provided by the school is a strength."


Websites and Resources

A range of careers websites are available for pupils to use to research information about different courses and jobs, to compare universities, alternatives to university, to search for inspiration or to find sector specific information. These include The National Careers Service, NHS Careers and Careers in Aerospace and many more.  New websites are tested and added during the academic year which can be found and accessed via the school VLE.

There are a number of careers books and college, sixth form and university prospectuses in the library for pupils to read.


Activities by year group

Year 8

Towards the end of year 8, pupils spend half a day considering their personal values, the kind of lifestyle they would like in the future, complete a mini personality test and research a job they might be interested in.  They learn about the different levels of qualifications and training routes e.g. study at college, university, apprenticeships etc.  They make cost calculations and comparisons for their chosen lifestyle and job. Year 8 pupils are introduced to the ideal to jobs that might exist in the future. These activities are led by a careers advisor


Year 9

To help year 9 pupils consider and choose their Key Stage 4 options, they take part in a number of different activities.

During October and November, year 9s take part in a “How to choose your Key Stage 4 options” session in Learning for Life with a careers advisor.  Following this activity a letter is sent home with an offer to request a careers interview with a careers advisor.

In November, pupils attend the “Ambitions Event” with year 9s from other local schools.  Following the success in South Gloucestershire this programme was introduced to Stroud in 2013.  All years 9s choose 5 interactive workshops which they would like to take part in from a choice of 30 different employment sectors.  This event is held at Stratford Park Leisure Centre in November and is organised by SGS College and Stroud District Council.  This event is open in the evening and provides years 9-13 and their parents or carers the chance to speak to employers and training providers. As preparation for the event, the year 9 pupils are introduced to different job sectors and learn about what Labour Market Information is, why it is important to them and where they can find this information.

Year 9 pupils research a range of different jobs which are related to their interests and educational aspirations using Kudos a careers software programme during Learning for Life which is led by their tutor.

All year 9s receive a Choices booklet which contains information about the subject options available for them to study at Key Stage 4, the topics covered within each course and how pupils will be assessed.

A Choices evening is held at the school in November for pupils, parents and carers, this is an excellent opportunity to speak to subject teachers and to see the careers advisor.


Year 10

From November to May, year 10 pupils take part in the mentoring programme delivered by the Royal Agricultural University, workshops and presentations include considering their future, identifying their personal skills, developing a CV and personal statement, learning about university.

Building on from the mentoring programme, the careers advisor spends a Learning for Life lesson with the year 10s during May/June looking at the legal requirements to stay in education or training until their 18th birthday, the different types of courses and qualifications and entry requirements. Pupils also learn about employability skills and prepare for their mock interview.  The mock interviews take place in June and is organised by GFIrst.  A number of employers come into the school to interview the pupils, this helps them develop and practise their interview skills and to receive feedback and useful hints and tips.

Also in June/July, year 10 pupils attend “taster” lessons at local sixth forms and colleges along with year 10s from other local schools.  Pupils select the lessons they would like to attend.  This is a great way to try out and learn more about different subjects and courses available to study after year 11 whilst experiencing different learning environments.

Year 10s have the option of attending the “Ambitions Event” evening in November at Stratford Park Leisure Centre with their parents or carers to speak to employers and training providers.


Year 11

During October, the careers advisor works with year 11s to remind pupils about the options available to them post 16 and to consider the benefits of each one.  Students consider how they make decisions and how they can ensure that these are informed ones. Time is spent using the Apprenticeships website to look at vacancies and Information is provided about open days, events and traineeships and Apprenticeships. Follow-up lessons are delivered by the Learning 4 Life teachers to provide additional information and to enable the year 11s to complete personal research and an action plan.

All year 11s receive a careers interview with a careers advisor and a follow up appointment may be made if required. Pupils can drop into meeting room 4 on a Wednesday at lunchtime between October and early March should they wish to speak to the careers advisor or would like to start working on or improve their personal CV.

The “Ambitions Event” evening in November at Stratford Park Leisure Centre is open to pupils and their parents or carers to speak to local employers and training providers.

A Post 16 evening is hosted by the school in November giving pupils the opportunity to speak to local sixth forms, colleges and employers.  A presentation is delivered by the careers advisor about next steps. The careers advisor is also available during the evening to provide information and answer questions.

There are opportunities to attend local careers events during the year these have included pupils being taken to The Delphi Apprenticeship event and Futures Fair at Stroud High School and Marling School Sixth Form. Pupils are made aware of other careers and training events and apprenticeship opportunities which are advertised through the school.

Professional guest speakers are invited into the school periodically to give talks about careers in different job sectors.



Useful Websites:

Career Pilot - www.careerpilot.org.uk/information

To help with making choices for KS4, Post 16 and Post 18, plus information about apprenticeships, volunteering, university, higher education and more

Careers Wales  - www.careerswales.com                                                                                            

There is an A-Z guide of jobs with detailed information and links for a wide range of different careers.  The subjects link is useful to help your child research careers related to their favourite subjects.

NHS Careers  - www.healthcareers.nhs.uk

This site has detailed information and case studies and videos for over 350 different careers available in the NHS. 

UCAS  -  www.ucas.com

Lots of useful information about higher education and studying at university to help your child search for and read about the wide range of different courses available. Alternatives to university is also available

Getingofar - www.apprenticeships.gov.uk/

Information about what an apprenticeship is, the different types available and case studies. Pupils can search for local and national apprenticeship vacancies.





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