Blazer and tie: All students are required to wear the Maidenhill School blazer and tie, which are available from Trutex, The Merrywalks Shopping Centre, Stroud (01453 751133).

Shirts or blouses: Should be plain, white, without logos and with sleeves and a conventional collar. Polo shirts are not permitted. Vests / t-shirts under shirts should be plain white and not visible.

Maidenhill pullovers: Though not compulsory, are badged and available from Trutex, Stroud. As an alternative to the branded pullover, a smart, plain black v-neck pullover can be worn. Other jumpers, sweatshirts, hoodies or zipped tops are not permitted.

Maidenhill cardigan: Though not compulsory, are badged and available from Trutex, Stroud.

Skirts: Plain black, professional and smart. No more than 5 cm above the knee.  Stretchy material is not acceptable. School provides examples of acceptable styles (see download below) but parents must check length.

Trousers: Plain black, smart, tailored with a plain black, simple belt, if needed.  School provides examples of acceptable styles (see download below).

Please note that the following are NOT school uniform: patterned trousers, jeans, chinos, corduroys, leggings, jeggings, treggings, cropped, stretchy, tight-fitting, skinny leg or other fashion trousers.

Shoes: Should be black, plain, smart with no logos and appropriate for all weather. Shoes should have a heel of sensible size to prevent accidents, particularly on staircases and in DT/science classrooms. Neither trainers nor boots are permitted.

Socks: Should be plain white or plain black.

Tights: Plain, black or natural colour. Socks should not be worn with tights.

Jewellery: Is not permitted, except a single stud or sleeper in each earlobe.  Facial piercings are not acceptable.

Make-up: Must be discreet. Requests to ‘tone down’ should be responded to immediately. Only clear nail varnish is permitted.

Hair: No extreme styles. Only natural colours.  Long hair will need to be tied back for health and safety reasons in certain subjects.  Hair bands and ties should be discreet.

Outdoor garments e.g.hats, coats, scarves, gloves: Must be removed in the school buildings.

Summer Weather: The school blazer is a compulsory part of the school uniform throughout the year and must be worn to school every day.  However, when the weather becomes very hot, permission may be given to allow students to carry the blazer. It should never be put in a bag.

PE Kit:

Click here for full details of PE kit


Please note: The Head Teacher's ruling on matters regarding uniform is final.


As in the workplace, wearing the Maidenhill uniform shows a visible commitment to the organisation, its values and its ethos.



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Uniform Expectations 2017 5th May 2017 Download >
PE Kit List 2017 4th May 2017 Download >
Uniform Examples March 2017 4th May 2017 Download >