LEARNINGCOMMUNITIES D O V E R O W FROCESTER RODBOROUGH D O V E R O W FROCESTER RODBOROUGH Our tutor groups are mixed age –vertical tutor groups. This promotes a caring system where younger and older students help and support each other, much like in a family. As part of this system the tutor groups are split into four Learning Communities – Doverow, Frocester, Haresfield and Rodborough. Each Learning Community has an equal number of tutor groups which contain Year 7 to Year 11 students. Students spend 20 minutes per day with their tutor and tutor group on a range of activities including literacy and numeracy activities. Mentoring is a key tutor group activity which aims to support and challenge all students. Each Learning Community has a staff leader and there are also student leaders and sports leaders for every Community. Each Learning Community is also represented on the School Council.