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National Poetry Day Winner

7th Nov 2014

To celebrate National Poetry Day this year, students across the school were given the opportunity to travel in the realms of gold with a new challenge in collaboration with The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

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Calling all former students of Maidenhill

9th Oct 2014

Maidenhill School in Stonehouse has launched a new network especially for former students, which can be accessed through the school website. The portal will include priority invitations to open events, as well as news of all that’s happening in this forward-thinking school.

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Science Events

16th Jul 2014

At the end of term 6, a group of year 9 and 10 students visited @Bristol. Firstly we did an experiment which involved gel electrophoresis of DNA. We had to use micropipettes to inject DNA into a special jelly. About half an hour later we could see through the jelly, using a UV light to compare the DNA and find the criminal. We could look around the whole of @Bristol and make some creative things. My favourite thing was a room on a slope, it felt really weird.

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1st Jul 2014

Students at Maidenhill School delivered high-energy performances of the award-winning musical comedy Hairspray over three nights last week to packed houses of friends and family.

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Mini Chefs

6th Jun 2014

Our Mini Chefs made 5 different foods over four sessions with Miss Fry.