Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

In October Year 10 and 11 art students visited the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. This visit gave them an important opportunity to experience world quality art and artefacts from different times and cultures. They were able to see how the great themes in art, such as the natural world, portraiture, faith and belief and conflict to name but a few, are expressed in two and three dimensions in a diverse range of media and from different cultural viewpoints.

“I enjoyed looking at the variety of paintings and sculptures but the painting that stood out for me most was ‘Charity’ by William A Bouguereau. I was intrigued by the media used and the scale of the painting. I thought that the Birmingham experience was very interesting and it inspired me to experiment more with different styles and techniques.”

Bella Hannis, 10RIS

“We got to see lots of really interesting artefacts and paintings. What surprised me most was how big some of the paintings were and how old some of the artefacts are in the ancient Egyptian mummy section.”

Cameron Johnson, 10FMS

“My favourite piece was a painting called ‘The Music Lesson’ of a woman being taught to play an instrument called a virginal. The largest watercolour in the world by the artist Burne Jones surprised me – it was made of ten sheets of A1 watercolour paper joined together.

Bryoney Parry, 10DSP