On Saturday 18th May a group of Year 7 and Year 10 students took a day trip to Boulogne in France.

We arrived in Boulogne after a very early start.  My first impression was of a town that was proud of its sports as there were many statues in different sporting poses. They were modern in contrast to the natural beauty of the beach in the heart of Boulogne.  We walked to the aquarium, en route passing the quaint and cobbled streets of the centre which to me felt like I was in the centre of an old medieval town due to the beautiful ornate architecture.

Passing the church, we came upon a produce market in full swing. I remember thinking how amazing all the different fruit and vegetables looked and smelt.  It was nice to see such a large variety and even better to see and smell the local patisserie with its window display of freshly made cakes and succulent pies.  At the aquarium we spent two hours, the highlight being the seals and their tricks.

After a lovely meal we returned to the coach to return home after our long day.

Isabella Parris, 7DLC