School Council 2018-19

A huge thank you to all students who challenged themselves by putting themselves forward for the School Council elections 2018. It was amazing to see so many students wanting to have a say in the future of Maidenhill School. We are very proud of you all and you should be very proud of yourselves.

Congratulations to Caitlin Donovan, Taylor Pritchard, Cristian Reiger, Harvey Huntley, Toni-Jenna Laming-Mann, Connor Timbrell, Daisy Stephenson and Macy Stanton who will represent their communities and also Council Reps, Jasmine Girvan (Y6/7 transition), Bradley White (Performing Arts), Isabella Parris (Environment), Freya Kay (Independent Study), Simon Bermingham (Well Being), Grace Gibbons (Y11/Exams), Georgina Knight (Sports) and Nathan Greenway-Davis (Learning). 

“I wrote my manifesto preparing for the nervous day ahead of me. I thought of things to make my learning community vote for me and included it in my testimonial. Finally, the day came to read my speech to Frocester. It was nerve-racking at first, but when it was over I felt very proud of myself. I came second in the votes and now represent Performing Arts, which I am happy with. Next time, I wish to come first and make the school the number one school in the whole country!”

Bradley White, 7FMS