Stonehouse Young Person of the Year Award 2019

Congratulations to Kalila McLaughlin, 8RCB, for winning Stonehouse Young Person of the Year Award on the 3rd June.

Kalila has many outstanding qualities.  In every encounter, she treats her teachers and peers with thoughtfulness and respect. She always has a smile as she enters the room and her excellent attitude is contagious to those around her. Kalila is extremely organised and conscientious in the way she completes all of her tasks, taking a lead role in an assembly and undertaking community work around the school in her own time. Her positive attitude reflects her hard work ethic and her determination to do her best. She is a quiet but strong leader amongst her peers, with her compassion and kindness shining through in all of her actions towards others. Kalila’s strong character and positive attitude represent the definition of being an exemplary role model at Maidenhill!

Kalila said “I feel ecstatic on receiving the Vicky Wakefield-Heath “Young Person of the Year Award”.  I was nominated by the Learning Community Leaders at Maidenhill and Jemma Grieve from the Stroud District Youth Council for my services to the school and the community. My family are very proud of me.”