Year 7 Team Building Days 2019-20

During October, Year 7 students went on a field trip to the Forest of Dean. Whilst there we took part in some activities such as map orienteering, problem solving, the Leap of Faith, and Jakub's Ladder. Jakub's Ladder was a team building activity where you had to get your whole team as high as you could possibly get. It was really hard as it involved our whole team! The Leap of Faith saw us climbing up a 10 metre pole and then jumping off into a trapeze bar a metre away. Map orienteering had our team looking out for 12 objects in the woods. The problem solving was great, with many of these activities involving lots of communication.

Haitham Al Amily, 7FDB


On Friday 11th October we went to the Forest of Dean to participate in the field activity trip. Once we arrived we were told about the three activities we would be doing throughout the day. Our first activity was trapeze and Jakub's Ladder where we had to climb up a pole as high as we could wih a harness on, then take a Leap of Faith! Our next activity was orienteering where we had to find different points around the forest in the fastest time. Finally, we had to problem solve, answering different questions around the site.

Overall, we had an extremely fun day forming new friendships.

Kara Hillier, 7RCB