Looking to the Future

The Real Game

The Real Game On 24th June, Year 8 spent a morning with a careers advisor from the SGS Schools’ Career Service, taking part in a number of activities to help them consider their future and to learn about the world of work.

Over the course of the session the students were encouraged to consider their values, what is important to them and what kind of lifestyle they might want in the future. They had the opportunity to compete a personality test which helped them identify their strengths and think about which careers these skills might be useful in. They were able to research a job that they might want to do in the future or that they wanted to find out more about in terms of the qualifications needed and work involved. After making some calculations, they were able to see if their chosen career path was realistically going to sustain the lifestyle they wanted.


Finance Workshops

During the summer term “The Money Charity” delivered a variety of finance workshops to Years 8, 9 and 10. These workshops were focused on the importance of planning and budgeting and how to save for the future. The workshops were very interactive and encouraged students to reflect on the importance of money in their lives.


Mock Interviews

On Thursday 20th June, all Year 10 students took part in a ‘mock interview’ with a local employer in order to gain experience in sitting a formal interview. The aim was to better prepare themselves for future college and job interviews. In advance, the students had prepared a mock application form which the employers used when conducting the interview. Despite them being a little nervous prior to their interview, they went extremely well. Students were very positive in their feedback and gained a lot of experience from the event as well as enjoying themselves in the process.


Taster Days

In addition to the mock interview, Year 10 students had the opportunity to visit Archway Sixth Form, Stroud College and Cirencester College. These college taster days provide a valuable insight into Post 16 education, the types of courses on offer and what the institutions are like.