Maidenhill Friends Bingo Evening

Mr Bargh was given a task of running a bingo evening on Thursday 28th March for Maidenhill Friends. We talked about it and I suggested to put my skills to the test and use technology; I would build a program that generated the 90 numbers, along with the calls. The first thing I did was take the numbers from an external file, including their associated calls, put them in a list and shuffled them. This was easy to do, so I also created a graphical interface (something you can see and not just text-based) where Mr Bargh could generate a number and show it to everyone at the click of a button on a different window, as well as Mr Bargh being able to view the number on his screen so that he could call it out. To go even further, I created another window where Mr Bargh could enter a number and see if it’s been called already, also showing whether the caller had completed a line, 2 lines or a full house. I could have improved the program further by adding a light board showing all of the numbers that had been called or using text to speech so that the computer could call out the numbers instead of Mr Bargh, but the program was good enough and met the needs of the game. The night was a success, raising money for Maidenhill and everyone had a good time.

 Ashley Rowles, 11HKA