Positively Mad

On Monday 25th February “Positively Mad” visited to run a presentation to Year 9 and 10 called “Mastering Student Motivation”.  As you would guess from the title, the main focus of the event was motivation.  Jay (our presenter) told us about his life and what he went through and why we all needed to be motivated to carry out a certain task or reach a personal goal.  He explained to all the students that he believed that you need to set targets to reach the ultimate goal, which for us is to get good grades in our GCSEs to end up with the job that all of us want. 

Jay showed us that success wasn’t measured by the amount of money a person made; it was about how you felt about the job i.e. if you were happy about it or not, but he also explained that family was the biggest motivation and sometimes our parents are not happy with their job but they still do it to “give us a spring in our feet”. 

I think this made us all think about the way we behaved and that sometimes we need to motivate ourselves to reach our true potential, to be able to achieve our ultimate goals. 

We all had to think about the little targets we need to set ourselves to reach the biggest target, which in this case was to complete Year 10 successfully.  Jay told us that we needed to constantly look at our targets and continue to motivate ourselves.  An example of these targets was to revise more often at home and that would improve our school work which would therefore increase our confidence.  I felt this presentation did really motivate us to work towards the ultimate goal. 

Our thanks to the Stonehouse Rotary Club for financially supporting this event. 

Leo Russo, 10DKP