Cheltenham Science Festival 2019

On Wednesday 5th June some KS3 students had a jam packed day at Cheltenham Science Festival. The students had a great time exploring in the Discovery Zone, where they got to eat bugs, design paper aeroplanes, be surgeons and lots more. This was followed by an exciting talk on rapid reactions; the students saw quick reactions take place in a live show. The day finished with an animation workshop where students created fantastic stop motion animation based on the conservation of some of their favourite animals.

Some of our KS4 students went to the Cheltenham Science Festival on Friday 7th June. They listened to inspirational talks from lead scientists and communicators. They were able to investigate how science is used in lots of different formats in the Discovery Zone and how GCHQ use innovative ideas to solve problems. The day was aimed at highlighting different science careers and gave the students the opportunity to see and experience real life science in action.