Sharing Academic Excellence Spring 2019

Year 8 have recently been studying multicultural poetry. For an Independent Study task they had to create their own British culture poems. The poem below is an example of an excellent piece of work produced by one of our Year 8 students.

I’m British and proud
And I’ll shout it out loud.
Of all the things that make me sing
If you have a minute then I’ll begin,

London is the very best;
not a place where you can rest,
Black cabs, the tower can all be seen
and not forgetting our lovely Queen.

She lives in a palace surrounded by guards
wearing bearskin hats as they stand in the yard.
It’s our Land of Hope and Glory
and we have a very historic story.

Lands abroad we discovered and conquered.
Sailors, scientists and new food uncovered.
Tobacco and potatoes to name but a few,
grown in the famous gardens at Kew.

Green lands, hills and plenty of tress.
The game of cricket and not forgetting tea
we drink by the bucket load every day,
with jam and scones whilst watching a play.

My poem is now coming to an end.
British culture; there’s a lot so go tell a friend
of all the great things that makes us who we are.
Come visit and see if you can spot us from afar.

Jonty Brown, 8HAS