Wise Children

On 6th February, Year 10 and 11 GCSE Drama group went to watch a performance in the Bristol Old Vic. The play, directed by Emma Rice from the novel by Angela Carter called “Wise Children” was both comedic and challenging. The mature nature of the play led to some very unexpected events, which took most of us by surprise. The play was portrayed in a very Brechtian style, where we could see backstage and everyone (including the band) was on stage and visible. The actors portrayed their characters with extreme accuracy to the main themes: family, class and theatre. The controversy between upper class and lower class society was also very visible throughout the play. The use of illegitimate twins through three generations showed the family theme as they had many obstacles to overcome. The fact that the two main characters (Nora and Dora) used to be showgirls and their father (Melchior Hazard) ran his own Shakespeare Company, exemplified the theme of theatre. Theatre was also presented with their main quote “what a joy it is to dance and sing”.

In our opinion, the play was layered with thought provoking issues yet was light hearted on the surface. It was a very enjoyable trip as the play made us laugh constantly with its humorous characters such as Grandma Chance. Overall, we really enjoyed the play because of the dark under layer yet it was riddled with humour through the majority of the play.

Bonnie Denning and Molly Riddell, Year 10