Year 7 Team Building Days 2018-19

On the 17th and 18th September Year 7 had the privilege to go on a teambuilding day at Dean Field Studies Centre. Doverow and Frocester went on one day followed by Rodborough and Haresfield.

After we had been briefed and divided into groups; we went with our teachers and community leaders. The first activity that I did was finding the stamp. It was challenging as they were hidden on lampposts but it was also fun. We raced around to see who could find it the quickest.

Our next activity was problem solving. The most challenging one was getting the tyre over the pole. We stood on each other’s shoulders but we still couldn’t reach it. The funniest part of it was when someone fell over into the lake and got soaking wet. We all laughed.

It was now time for our final activities: the trapeze and Jacob’s Ladder. For the trapeze, we cheered each other on as we climbed up the wobbly pole and eventually jumped off the edge to reach the swing. When it was my turn I was so scared. I had to put a harness on and as I was climbing up the pole it began to shake. As I got to the top my legs began to feel like jelly. I jumped off the edge and I reached for the bar and slowly I was lowered down.

Now it was time for Jacob’s Ladder. We helped each other up the steps that were almost taller than us. One of us stood on the other person’s legs and heaved the other person up. It was hard work. My group eventually made it up to the top. I wish I could go back there because I had so much fun (except getting covered in mud)!

Lily Fenton, 7HHW

“I think it was amazing. It helped me get to know my community better and who they are. It was such fun. We did lots of different activities. My favourite was an activity where we were blindfolded and had to work together to make a square.”

Sofie Taubert, 7HCP

“I loved the school visit because it was a great experience and I got to know a lot more people. In my opinion the best bit was the leap of faith. I was terrified and didn’t want to do it but my friend encouraged me and I gave it a go.”

Isabella Parris, 7DLC

“I enjoyed the scavenger hunt the most which was when we had to hunt for things around the forest.”

Gabbie Adams, 7RKS

“The trip was very helpful and encouraging because it taught you to do anything if you tried. It made me have a lot of courage, resilience and taught me how to work in a team. My favourite part was the leap of faith because I did it but I thought I would be scared”

Chantay Arnett, 7HRE