Exams and Revision

Stay positive, revise, make it happen


Y11 Mock Exam Results Day


Tuesday, 10th January 2023




Important Information for students

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Non Examination Assessment Information for Candidates

Information for Candidates for Written Exams

Social Media Information for Candidates


Remember on Exam Days... 


For most people, the only enjoyable part of exams is the day they finish, but exams are an essential part of the educational experience.

There are a number of ways students can prepare themselves to perform to the best of their ability and make the experience less stressfull.  Advice and useful information can be found below.


Revise, revise...

  • Draw a mind map
  • Make a chart
  • Use a cartoon
  • Create a picture
  • Say key ideas out loud
  • Test yourself
  • Play music for association
  • Devide work into smaller chunks
  • Highlight main points
  • Ask for advice and explanations
  • Make a poster
  • Draw a diagram
  • Write notes
  • Record ideas
  • Discuss with others
  • Swap ideas
  • Plan and schedule revision time
  • Use a revision timetable
  • Take regular breaks
  • Reward yourself
  • Review your progress


For more tips on revision 



Survive the exam

And on the day of the exam...