As a small school, we pride ourselves on knowing our students really well and treating each child as an individual. We are a close learning community and we are determined that students will achieve their personal best in everything they do, both within the classroom and beyond. Student achievement is at the heart of everything we do.

When students arrive, we quickly get to know them. Students tell us how they soon feel at home, enabling them to swiftly focus on their work and their progress. Throughout their time with us, we will continue to challenge and support them to achieve their potential.

Our mission is to ‘create and achieve a brighter future’ for our students and we are committed to providing the very best education for our young people. We want our students to enjoy their time with us and be ready to move on to further education, training or employment as well-qualified, confident, happy and successful young adults. They need to achieve the very best grades they can, but they also need opportunities to develop into adults through their interaction with others and their active involvement in the variety of experiences and activities that we offer.

We value the active involvement and support of our parent body and want you to feel part of the school. We will seek your views and ideas, and act upon them, in the knowledge that the partnership between home and school is fundamental to your child’s success.

Our best ambassadors are our students who will be delighted to show you round their school. Give us a ring to arrange a visit and see the ‘school at work’ for yourself; I am sure you will quickly feel the warmth and pride that our students have in their school!

Mrs P Wilson
Head Teacher


Year 7 Students' Comments

“When I started at Maidenhill I was both nervous and excited. On the very first day we had guides which made us feel more confident about finding our way. By my second day at Maidenhill I felt part of Maidenhill”

“After a few days in school, I really enjoyed it and wanted to go to school, which is surprising …”

“We get so many opportunities, even in Year 7 - festivals, choir, sports, music lessons and trips to Nature in Art and France.”